Menu And Flavours

At Tasteful Cakes, I pride ourselves in using only the freshest, finest ingredients in all of our recipes. All eggs used are free range, and we source fairtrade ingredients wherever possible. Each cake is baked specifically to order, and hence we can ensure that every cake is as fresh, moist and tasty as possible.

This page covers the different flavours of cake that are available to order – if your preferred flavour is not listed please contact me and I will endeavour to meet your particular requirements.

Nut Allergy warning:
The cake flavours that contain nuts have a (N) after their name. Cakes without this tag do not contain nuts as an ingredient, however we cannot guarantee that the ingredients we use are from a nut-free environment, nor processed in isolation from other nut-containing products.


A classic vanilla sponge, finished with a vanilla bean meringue buttercream and raspberry preserve.

Luscious Lemon Cake

Luxury Moist and refreshing lemon cake, with lemon syrup and a lemon curd meringue buttercream – perfect for summer.

Orange Cake

Light orange sponge with syrup, white chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries – perfect for a dessert.

Red Velvet cake

Beautiful deep red vanilla with a light taste of chocolate, finished with a cream cheese frosting.

Devils’ Chocolate Cake

Wonderful, Moist chocolate cake with a smooth chocolate Buttercream.

Moist Carrot Cake (N)

Luxury moist and fruity cake with added walnuts, rum-soaked sultanas and coconut, filled with fresh orange buttercream. This makes a great alternative to a traditional fruit-rich fruit cake.

Traditional Rich Fruit Cake (N)

A beautifully moist cake, packed with fruit including dried dates, prunes, and apricots. The cake is left to mature soaked in brandy.