I want to share with you this fun novelty wedding cake that I made last week of a Wedding Cake designed to represent the Top Table at the wedding reception.

There is nothing more pleasurable for me than to design a cake that has great significance to the couple. Having character figurines is a great a way of expressing each character in the family and making your cake personal and one of a kind!

Novelty Wedding cake - Top Table

Congratulations Ian and Lisa, I wish you all the best in your new life together.

wedding cake top table

The inspiration for this wedding cake was taken from personalities of the family characters and aspects of the wedding.

As the centerpieces for each dinning table was a fish bowl with gold fish, I thought it would tie in nicely if their little girl teased the family dog with a gold fish as she is well known for being mischief us and teasing the dog at home!

Novelty Wedding cake - Top TableSugar model of a dog/beagle

We stayed within the black, white and hints of red colour scheme to carry it right through the wedding theme. The black tiled shinny floor actually matches the dance floor at the wedding venue!

Wedding Cake-Top TableTheir little boy, like most boys, constantly plays games on his phone so it only seemed right that he’d be doing the same on the wedding day!!!

Don’t you find it funny how boys always stick their tongues out while they’re concentrating? I know what your thinking, your husband or partner still does it right?! Lol

I loved every second of creating this cake and it feels great to be a part of their special day.

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