Fondant Figure Template: Downloadable PDF Templates and Weights Guide

Fondant Figure Template: Downloadable PDF Templates and Weights Guide

Check out our Fondant Figure Template Collection, designed to simplify the process of making fondant figures and cute animal decorations for your cake designs.

From wedding cake figures to cute cartoon character cake toppers perfect for children’s cakes. Our downloadable PDF templates cover a wide range of themes to unleash your creativity.

The templates are super easy to follow, guiding you through with precise weights, and measurements. Making perfectly proportionate and captivating fondant figures a piece of cake ;) Cool Huh?

Moreover, The fondant figures tutorials are great for beginner cake decorators keen on mastering the basics. And, for professional cake makers looking to master sugar modelling skills.

Fondant Figure Tutorials

Additionally, we have an amazing range of fondant figure tutorials, teaching you how to create figures of all ages! For instance, A baby cake topper tutorial perfect for christenings, baby showers and 1st birthday cakes. Also a fairy cake topper tutorial and an amazing online wedding cake topper figure masterclass. Perfect for professional cake businesses making wedding cakes. Check out our courses here.

Now do you love creating personalised cake toppers? Then why not join our Ultimate Modelling Masterclass? I’ll teach you how to make any person, of any age and ethnicity. It’s an amazing year-long coaching program, pop me a message here for the info.

In Summary, let’s elevate your cake-decorating skills and bring joy with every figure you create!” Ultimately, making cute cake toppers has never been so easy and fun! These step-by-step guides not only take out all the guesswork but also help you create your fondant figure decorations in a fraction of the time!


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