Create Easy Fondant Hairstyles.


Learn simple, step by steps to create easy, fun fondat hairstyles for your sugar caricatures.


Create Easy Fondant Hairstyles

Hello, Christina Here :)

I have created this great Free Online Sugar Modelling Tutorial by request from some of my lovely students. In this short video I will take you through my simple step by step method to creating very easy but seriously impressive fondant hairstyles for all of your lovely sugar caricatures.

It’s so simple once you see how! Once you learn the foundations and basic principles, you’ll have the confidence to experiment with different hair colours and styles.

In this free online video, I am going to be teaching you how to create 4 different hairstyles for a baby, female and male.

This tutorial will cover:

  • How to make a cute little curl, headband, and bow for a baby girl caricature
  • Fun spikey hair for a male caricature
  • Create a beautiful flowing hair done style and updo for a lady caricature.


What to get started? Great! Here is what to do next…

Add the video to your shopping cart and download or wait for the link to be emailed to you. Grab the bits you need below and start the video! Then we can create some cool funky fondant hairstyles together. Remember that you get lifetime access to this video, so save the link somewhere handy, it’s much better than downloading as this can take up a lot of space on your device.


Tools & Materials List.

Non-Stick Board and Rolling Pin

Clipper scissors

Craft Knife

FFM Knife Tool

Water pen or paintbrush and water.

Trex (Vegetable fat)

Saracino. This is for the hair and faces. You can use fondant for the hair but it doesn’t hold in the same way.

You can purchase Saracino at Cake Stuff Vanilla Valley


Tutor Notes:

If you just want to practice the hair, why not create face shapes out of a skin tone paste colour and leave to dry overnight. As this will insure the paste is firm.  This makes if far easier to practice on, especially in early stages of sugar modelling. Beginners tend to apply alot more pressure than needed! Please dont worry, over time it will become easier. Creating these shape faces also means you can practice creating an easy fondant hairstyle without creating the whole face.


Do you need to master creating faces? If so, I have the perfect class for you. Take a look at my faces & facial expressions class by clicking here.


Terms and Conditions:

The skills learnt on this video are intended for you to use yourself. Under no circumstances should this video be shared or replicated and taught by you to your own students online, in person or via video. 


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