Safari Jungle Cake Ideas and Tutorials

Welcome to our adventure-filled Safari Jungle Cake Ideas and Tutorials, where your cake decorating journey takes a leap into the wild! Dive into our fondant jungle animal tutorials and discover the joy of creating your own safari adventure. In this blog, we’re gearing up to share a heap of inspiration, practical how-tos, and beginner-friendly fondant tutorials. Whether you’re planning a safari 1st birthday cake or just hunting for some safari cake toppers to spruce up your cake, we’ve got the perfect guide for you.

Safari Cake Theme – With Fondant Jungle Animals

Bringing the wild of the jungle to life through cake is popular for all ages. Who doesn’t love jungle vibes? There’s so much inspiration to draw from. We can take iconic animal prints and work them into our fondant cake designs, by adding fondant stripes or painting tiger spots directly onto the cake. Make large edible tropical leaves, and top everything off with all of the safari jungle animals modelled out of fondant.

This section focuses on simple safari cake ideas that are easy to execute but still make a big impact, perfect for those just diving into the world of cake decorating.

safari jungle tree trunk cake with fondant jungle anaimals and tropical leaves "wild one" themed 1st birthday cake ideas
1st Birthday Safari Jungle Tree Trunk Cake " Wild One"

“The ‘wild one’ safari jungle 1st birthday cake must be one of my favourites. The soft colours look great and creating the edible fondant animal cake toppers with simple faces creates a softer, cuter cake design. Plus, adding a ‘Wild One cake topper’ on the cake is a nice touch. Is it just me, or does every jungle-themed first birthday cake make you sing, “hey I heard you are a wild one oh oh ohooooo”? Sorry I have done it to you now, but honestly what a song!

Safari Jungle Cakes for Boys and Girls

“Safari Jungle cakes for a boy: Jungle colours are perfect for boys or even gender-neutral vibes. Add some blue tones to a fondant-covered cake for a splash of colour. For boys a bit older than one, dial up the fun with brighter colours. Think sunny yellow giraffes, lions with fiery burnt orange manes, and bold zebra prints.

safari jungle themed boys birthday cake with fondant zebra prints and fondant jungle animals

Safari jungle cakes for a girl: Why not add a little pink to the mix? Give the giraffe’s nose or the zebra a blush of pink. Or cover the cake in soft pink. Feeling adventurous? Try a whole spectrum of pink for those tropical leaves. Ana’s cake studio really nail this look, and sparking some pink safari cake inspiration. 

girl themed jungle bsafari birthday cake with soft pink colours and fondant jungle animals

Crafty Creature – Jungle Animal Fondant and Cookie Cutter Set!

If you are a beginner or you are looking to create a fondant cake topper that is super easy and fast making an impact to your cake design then this Crafty Creature set is for you. The 5 piece animal cutter not only creates the fondant lion cake topper in the photo but you would be able to make that exact lion into a giant cookie sharer box and the cutters would work as a guided outline for a 3D Lion! And, that’s not even nearly what this animal set can do! You can make multiple animals just from these 5 cutters perfectly designed to mix and match. You’d be able to create jungle-themed cookies and cake toppers, it could make a lion, tiger, panda, monkey, zebra and that’s just the jungle animals! Don’t get me started on the pets and farm and woodland animals!

If you’d like to learn how to make this lion cake topper head over to my YouTube channel here.

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Lion safari birthday and cake and animal cutter set! Safri jungle ideas and tutorials
Adult Safari Jungle Cakes

For adults, it’s all about sophistication with a wild twist. Think animal patterns, like zebra stripes or leopard spots, on your cake. Here are some tips and ideas for adding that adult sophistication to your safari cakes:

safari jungle cake ideas and tutorials - Gold safari jungle birthday cake

Gold Safari Theme Birthday Cake

De le crème studio does this perfectly with their gold zebra and giraffe print cake painting in the this picture. They even have a template that you can use to replicate it, for those of you that are nervous to go free hand. I say just go for it! But start painting from the back of the cake and make those first errors there, or draw the lines on first with a pencil. 

Tips For Painting on Your Cakes.
  • Cover your cake with fondant and let it set to avoid dents while painting or adding decorations.
  • Use dusting colours and lustres with a brush and rejuvenator spirit for a smooth application that leaves no wetness behind. You can also use edible pens if you like, I love working with fractal colours as they don’t dry out fast like other edible pens and I’ve had some of mine for over a year.
  • When painting leopard spots always start with light colours and layer on the darker shades for a bold effect.


Making Animal Print Fondant

You can add the animal patterns to the cake in fondant which would create more texture depending on the detail of the design this could take a little longer, so go for larger shapes that take up a larger area of the cake. The cake below by cakechefis is a great example of this. 

safari jungle cakes and ideas with animal print fondant tips /

Lastly you can an animal print, printed onto edible icing sheet paper and wrap it around the cake. I love the way this has been done by Marias Sweet Cakery on the middle cake and then green and gold! It’s creating a striking boho feel safari cake.

Boho style safari cake with gold animals, green cake and leopard print
Jungle Animals for Adult Birthday Cakes

For a grown-up vibe, try making your fondant jungle animals super realistic. It adds a ‘mature’ feel instantly. Check out this cake below, the elephant cake topper is unreal! In fact, they are all pretty awesome. By Kalitpasta

Safari Jungle cakes and ideas 3 tier safari cake with fondant realistic animals and micky mouse

Looking to Order a Safari Jungle Themed Cake or Cake Toppers?

I would love to design and create something special for you. Get in touch, and I’ll bring your wild-themed cake to life

Safari Cake Tutorial:

Alright, cake makers, it’s time to roll up our sleeves. Let’s dive into making these adorable jungle animals. I’ve got two fantastic video tutorials lined up for you.

How to Make Easy Jungle Tropical Leaves – Without Cutters: It’s simpler than you think to create lush, tropical foliage. This will give your cakes that authentic jungle vibe. “For those new to cake decorating, this easy fondant safari tutorial will guide you through the steps to create stunning safari-themed decorations.”

Safari-Themed 1st Birthday Cake Topper Tutorial: This step-by-step guide is a fantastic introduction to our fondant jungle animal tutorials for beginners. It’s designed to make crafting your first fondant animals an enjoyable and successful endeavour.

The Must-Have New Cake Tool: “Candle Cut Set”

But before we get into the tutorials, let’s talk about the candle cut sets. These are my secret weapon for adding personalised touches to every cake. They come with large number cutters and wicks, which make candle making a breeze. Plus, they let you add an extra layer of theme-matching customisation to your creations.

number cutters for cookies and fondant

How to Make Fondant Tropical Jungle Leaves Step by Step – With No Cutters

Ok, let’s get started! These tropical leaves are super easy to make. You’ll need fondant, green gel/paste colour (I like gooseberry and foliage green Sugarflair), and a craft knife from your basic tool set. You can purchase the set [Link to purchase]. If you don’t have a small circle cutter, a small pea size end piping nozzle will work.

Mix your fondant green tones, roll into a crease-free ball, then shape it into a cone. You can learn these steps and more in my beginner modelling tutorials for free [Link to tutorials]. Flatten the cone with a rolling pin, then use the craft knife to cut in the leaf edges. Use the circle cutter (or piping nozzle) to punch out the holes. Dive into the video; it’s super easy, and you’re going to love it!

How To Make Fondant Jungle Animals Step by Step:

Want to craft the rest of the cake topper? Let’s start with a green grass plaque. It makes the topper easy to remove and keeps all your decorations together. We’ll create a rock, tree trunk print number one fondant candle. You’ll also see how to make fondant elephant, giraffe, and zebra faces, which we will arrange peering out of the fondant tropical leaves you would have learnt in the previous video.

Safari Jungle Cake Ideas and Tutorials: A Summary

After exploring vibrant cakes for boys and girls, and elegant options for adults, let’s take a moment to recap the safari adventure we’ve embarked upon. This section ties together all the threads from our jungle-themed exploration, giving you a consolidated view of the Safari Jungle Cake Ideas and Tutorials. Here, you’ll find quick links to our step-by-step guides, creative tips, and your soon-to-be favorite “Crafty Creature” set for those looking to bring the jungle to their kitchen. So, whether you’re a seasoned decorator or just starting out, these tutorials are your compass to creating wild masterpieces.

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