After a busy week of making and delivering wedding cakes, I managed to quickly make a fairy for the competition at The British Sugarcraft Guild Exhibition – Region 7.

Unfortunately, in my manic rush, I didn’t read the competition rules carefully. As a result, my piece was disqualified. What a great disappointment !!! Let this be a very good lesson to everyone: Read the rules carefully and every day that you are making your competition piece, just as a constant reminder of the competition’s restrictions and guidelines.

Butterfly Fairy!

My Competition Piece!

The class I entered was ‘An Exhibit Of Your Choice’ which could include different mediums, wires and stamen. I had used a cake dummy for my fairy to sit on, but as far as the judges where concerned it was a real cake and not a dummy. So inserting a wire into it was a BIG No No! Oopsie!

As James Joyce once wrote “A man of genius makes no mistakes. His errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery”. But, lets be honest….. reading things like this make the pain a little easier ( at least I learnt something new right! ). But, hay ho, the day was still a success, as always this event included lots of different exciting things to see and people to meet.

By the way, if you are interested in learning how to make this fairy, please see my upcoming classes!. Here is a selection of my favorites from the competition, as well as the branch and demonstrator tables. Click on the thumbnail to view large.

Zoe Clark - Book Signing!

Zoe Clark – Book Signing!

Within the Exhibition there was a large competition area, branch tables, lots of equipment as well as book stalls featuring well known cake artists such as Zoe Clark who is known for her beautiful chic Wedding cake designs, and Frances McNaughton who specializes in making handcrafted models.

There were numerous demonstrations throughout the day including two of my favourite sugar artists who I constantly look too for inspiration or advice Alan Dunn and Ceri Griffiths.

Ceri Griffiths is well known for his beautiful contemporary English style piped royal icing. If you haven’t been on one of his courses, I would strongly advice you to do so. For me royal icing isn’t something I love, but I am a strong believer that it is great to have at ample knowledge in all areas of your industry.

Ceri D at The british Sugarcraft Guild Exhibition 2013 - Region 7

Ceri D – Having fun at his stand!

Learning with Ceri is not only great fun but you learn a whole lot more than the skills you signed up! The advice, knowledge and experiences within the industry and in business he shared are priceless.

If you can’t attend one of his courses in person, he does have an online course over at ( Which is a great site for online decorating courses!!!).

Right….. Back to my manic schedule of creating and designing wedding cakes. I hope you have enjoyed this update and the pictures too. If you have any questions please feel free to write in the comments box and I will try to answer them as best I can.