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When I was at the Bluewater Wedding Show I came across one stand that seemed to stick out more than the rest, for I had never seen anything like it before. Everyone was standing around wearing headphones and listening to songs, dancing and smiling. I couldn’t help but stick my nose in and see what was going on.

Simon Mitchell from Your SongYour Song is a company like no other. They have recognised that many couples struggle with their FIRST DANCE on the big day, and end up resorting to the web to find inspiration, usually ending up with something that everyone knows but which means nothing to them! Enters YourSong, the answer to every couples – First Dance nightmares.

They write you your very own song from scratch, with lyrics written all about you. Sounds crazy right?! I was a bit dubious at first, so decided to question Simon to get to grips with the idea.

About Simon & How Your Song Was Born
Simon is incredibly charismatic and an absolute pleasure to be around, He is a songwriter by trade and is signed to Universal Publishing. He has been writing songs for years, working with all sorts including lots of X factor castaways. After writing his brother’s song for his first dance, he decided to try his hand at other peoples. A year later, he has a string of bespoke first dances to his name, and from the look of his stand, seems to be very popular!

How it Works!
He personally meets/Skype with each couple and gets all the nitty gritty details about them for inspiration.. He writes a song, sends a draft over to them, makes any necessary changes, and then turns it into a radio pop song with the help of his music recording pals. After that – it’s YourSong!

Each song is different, original and relates only to the couple themselves, making it beautifully personal to them – I say this because I half the time I had no idea what he was singing about, and he assured me that the couple in question would!

The company also provides artwork, wedding favours in the form of a gift CD, and YourSong live at your wedding!

To Listen to one of my personal favorites Click Here! Simon had the challenge of incorporating a house section into the first dance song, he aced it! It’s so different and personal.

How to find out more about YourSong

For more detailed information go to YourSong Website.

For updates on new adventures, songs and videos follow ‘YourSong’ on Twitter, Facebook and iCloud.