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leearning what fondant and modelling paste, equipment you need to make fondant figures and animals

Materials and Mastering Modelling Tools

Duration: 20minute
Video and PDF Download

We need to strip it back to basics and set the right foundations for making fondant figures. You’ll need to know the right mediums to use. How and when we use fondant, modelling, and gum paste and how we work the paste to avoid and dry cracking models. I’ll also teach you how to use your modelling tools properly and how I use each end of the tools showing you how to model and shape with them.

video tutorial teaching you how to make fondant shapes

Learning how to model basic shapes

Duration: 20minute
Video and PDF Download

Now that we have mastered our materials and modelling tools, it’s time to learn to use your hands as tools! Understanding the different parts of your hands and fingers to use can create simple, seamless shapes. This step is so often overlooked, which can result in your figures having sausage-like arms and legs. Every body part starts with a beautiful, crease-free simple shape, and it’s important to perfect these before progressing through the steps to create fondant figures.


How to make fondant figures, learning how to move through the shapes to create body parts following templates

Creating Figures Step by Step Guide ‘lifelike body parts

Duration: 45minute
Video, weights and Templates

Now that we have mastered modelling shapes, it’s time to move on to the next stage. Taking these fondant shapes, we’ll proceed through the steps to create a body part. In this module, we move from a round ball to a tapered sausage and then step by step through a template and video to create a leg! Cool, huh? This will seriously boost your confidence and show you just how possible it really is! We will then make a simple head shape on the neck and shoulders. I’ll teach you how to manipulate and control the paste to stay where you need it, to create the hair for your figurines

How to make fondant figures, step by step, including templates perfect for beginners: free tutorials

How To Make a Full Fondant Figure Tutorial

Duration: 1 hour
Video, weights and Templates

We have learned our materials, mastered our tools, shapes, and the process; now it’s time to put it into action and bring it all together to create a fondant figure. Step by step through video, weights, and a template, you’re going to see a huge difference now when you create, seeing how all the lessons have brought you to this stage. You’ll be putting it all into practice as I guide you through making this very cute sleeping baby figure.”

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