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Welcome to The Art of Fondant Blog! Home to everything paste-based! Whether you’re dabbling in fondant, gumpaste, modelling paste, or even clay, you’ve stumbled upon the perfect spot. You may even call me “Little Miss Paste Based,” hehe!

Here, you’ll find inspiration for cake designs, delightful cake toppers, and a treasure trove of cake-decorating courses, videos and learning opportunities. Let me walk you through what The Art Of Fondant Blog covers!

Explore a world of fondant cake inspiration, from bespoke designs to delicate floral wedding cakes. Dive into the art of personalising fondant figures and uncover innovative wedding cake topper ideas.

For those embarking on their fondant journey, we offer tutorials on crafting exquisite fondant flowers, sculpting fondant figures, and cute animal toppers and cookies. Learn fundamental techniques like fondant cake covering and clay-based cake topper creation!

Join us every week for exciting updates, including our free cake decorating video tutorials released every Wednesday.

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