Biggest Cake Making Mistake and How to Fix It: How to Make Fondant Cakes Like A Pro!

Hey there, fondant cake lovers! I recently spent hours scrolling through Google, as we often do, checking out celebration cakes. It’s a pain to see that so many beginner and professional cake makers either aren’t covering their cake drums with fondant or are leaving too much space around their cakes. Which is, to me, a big no-no!

Why?! Well, it isn’t about good presentation; it can leave your cakes looking dated, and it’s a waste of materials. Let’s keep those cake costs low!

Here are some Cake Decorating Tips to get you started on How to Make Professional Celebration Cakes:

“Avoid the bottom board birthday cake message.” Again, a little dated! I only add a message if it’s been requested! Personalisation is key, add the name to the cake instead, use favourite colours, and if you really want to impress people and avoid the dreaded moment where someone tries to find a spot to put candles without ruining the cake, then you can do what I do, add a personalised fondant number candle!

Check out Candle Cuts! A set of large numbers that includes candle wicks and instructions on how to make them. This is not one of those things you will buy and never use; you’ll be using them with every cake design. These are a great investment!

Learn more about these cutters here [Tasteful Cakes Academy Candle Cuts]

number cutters for cookies and fondant

Here are a few more cake decorating tips for covering your bottom board to elevate your fondant cake designs.

  • Pick out the darkest or brightest fondant colour of the cake and add it to the board.
  • Decorate to match the theme of the cake.
  • Add texture to your fondant by using impression mats.
  • Add dusting colours around the base of your cake, creating shadows.
  • Bring the fondant around the side of your cake drum and then cut away, avoiding the outdated ribbons.

Avoiding all of this, you could grab yourself a beautiful ‘Acrylic Cake Board’ from Lissie Lou’s. I’d recommend checking out their collection here: [Lissie Lou’s Cake Boards]. However, you will pay a pretty price.

How to create fondant to celebration cakes for beginners, fondant tips and cake tips
How to create fondant to celebration cakes for beginners, fondant tips and cake tips

Let’s talk More Fondant Tips and Tricks:

Which is the best fondant to use for covering celebration cakes:

Which is the best Fondant to use for making celebration cakes:

My favourite fondant/sugar paste to use for covering cakes is couture! It comes in white, cream, red and black. You can purchase it here.

My close second with far more colour options is ‘The Sugar Pastes’ you can purchase it here.

But for covering boards, your everyday supermarket brand fondants will do the trick! Especially as the cake boards are super easy to cover and won’t waste money.


How to create fondant to celebration cakes for beginners, fondant tips and cake tips

How to harden your fondant:

There is nothing worse than adding your cake to your beautiful, decorated board to see you’ve accidentally made marks in the surface.


So, either let it dry out for a couple of days or pop it in the oven on the lowest temperature with the door open for 10-15 minutes, and then leave it on the side for an hour. This rapidly speeds up the drying time, allowing you to decorate within hours!


You want that beautifully hard clean surface to add your cake and fondant decorations or cake toppers too.

I really hope this cake decorating tutorial has helped and had at least one cake decorating tip that will help you out next time you create a cake. If you would like to learn more about creating fondant cakes or learning how to create fondant figure cake toppers for your cakes, I have some very useful links for you.

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