Small Eye Tools

Small Eye Tools


Enhance your cake decorating experience with our Eye Tool Set—an essential addition to your decorating toolkit. This set of three tools simplifies the creation of four versatile eye shapes, transforming the way you add intricate details to your sugar figurine models.


Key Features:

  • Versatile Eye Shapes: Craft four different eye shapes effortlessly with our set of three tools.
  • Easy to Use: Achieve perfect edging by simply pushing the tool into your paste and matching the opposite eye. Crafting detailed eyes has never been simpler!
  • Compact Size: These eye tools are smaller than typical options, providing precision for delicate sugar figurine models.
  • Perfect Edges for Matching: Create distinct eye shapes and ensure perfect edging for easy matching and adding an eye socket for a seamless finish.
  • Effortless Detailing: Once you’ve shaped the basics, adding intricate details is a breeze. Paint on the details to bring your sugar figurine models to life with realistic and captivating eyes.







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