Bespoke Wedding Cakes

Bespoke Wedding Cakes In Essex

Hello from Essex, where we make bespoke wedding cakes with as much love as you’re celebrating. We are passionate about creating the perfect cake that reflects you, your wedding day, and your unique love story. Whether you’re looking for an elegant or traditional wedding cake or something a little more fun and different. Creating bespoke wedding cakes, that are unique, a real showstopper that tastes as good as it looks, is what I want to bring to life for you.

My bespoke wedding cake style is for those who want something different, tailored, or deeply personal. I don’t chase after trends. My bespoke wedding cakes are timeless, a perfect harmony of you both as a couple and the essence of your day. My signature lies in flawless fondant, beautiful floral sprays of handcrafted sugar flowers. And, for ultimate personalization, I create wedding cake topper figures. There are so many styles, click here for more info and design ideas.

bespoke Wedding cakes - cake style fondant sugar flowers and wedding cake toppers

Bespoke Wedding Cake in Essex Style:

3 tier white a green modern wedding cake with gold leaf, topped with a personalised family clay bespokewedding cake toppper

On top of one of my favourite bespoke wedding cakes, is of thise cute couple: the bride, with her eyes gently closed, resting on the groom’s shoulder. It looks like a typical sweet moment, but there’s a funny backstory here—they actually first connected years back when she dozed off on his shoulder in a nightclub! Fast forward to their wedding day, and that little slice of their history became a special part of their cake topper, a nod to the unexpected ways life brings people together.

It’s moments like these that make my work so rewarding. And there’s more to this cake than one might think. I had the pleasure of making a wedding cake for the bride’s mother ten years earlier. It featured little figures of all the daughters, and since then, I’ve created the wedding cakes for each daughter’s big day. Being part of this family’s story through the years, celebrating milestones with sugar and fondant, feels like a real gift. It’s these connections that turn a cake from just a dessert into a piece of family history. Here’s what the bride had to say:

It’s not just a cake; it’s a continuation of their story, and I feel so lucky to be the one who gets to bake a bit of sweetness into these precious moments.

We used Christina for our wedding cake and WOW!! we were not disappointed!

The cake tasted and looked amazing, we instantly trusted Christina with her ideas and designs! We 1000% recommend! 

– Ellie Lucas

Wedding cake topper figures

Your Questions Answered

bespoke wedding cake
Can we order a taster box, or book a consultation?

The cake tasting is a beloved step in your wedding journey, and rightfully so! It's here that you'll share your story – how you met, your individual and collective likes, the vision for your wedding – and all these details will guide us in designing a cake that's truly 'you'. Expect laughter, heartfelt conversations, and, of course, delicious samples as we sketch out a design unique to your love story. While sending out taster boxes has become popular I’m afraid that’s just not me. Nothing beats the personal touch of meeting in person. This experience is usually the highlight of a couple wedding planning. It gives me the chance to know you better, ignites my passion into your cake and leaves you feeling like your cake is in safe hands.

I want a big cake but don't need many portions, what can I do?

That's easy – we use cake dummies to give you the grand look without the surplus cake and expense.

Can you replicate a cake I've seen and liked?

While we all have unique styles, I'm happy to take inspiration from your finds. Think of it this way: you wouldn’t ask Picasso to paint a Van Gogh. If it's close to my style, I'll infuse it with elements and colours that make it distinctively yours.

How much do wedding cakes cost?

A fair question! It's great to start with a budget, but let’s first design your dream cake, price it out, and then we can adjust as needed to suit your budget. As a starting point, a 3-tier wedding cake serving up to 120 guests begins at £550

Do you deliver?

Absolutely! We make bespoke wedding cakes in Essex and  offer delivery and setup for a small additional fee in our service areas: Essex, Hertfordshire, North London, Kent, and Sussex.

Do you make buttercream, naked, or semi-naked wedding cakes?

No, that’s not our jam. Fondant is where we shine – it's sleek, it keeps the cake sealed, fresh, and hygienic. And frankly, it looks stunning.

Can you use artificial or fresh flowers on cakes?

Safety and style are paramount, so no fresh or artificial flowers that risk being toxic. Instead, I love crafting personalized sugar flowers – safe, beautiful, and uniquely yours.

How do I book a consultation?

Let's start the conversation! Reach out with as much detail as you can provide, and we'll find a day or evening that suits us both for a consultation.

I create Custom Celebration Cake for Essex, Hertfordshire North London and WeddingCakes For The South of England.

 I am super passionate about making detailed meaningful custom celebrations cakes that fit in with my style and include sugar flowers or fondant figures

Celebration Cakes Start at £180

Wedding Cakes Start at £500

“I believe that every cake should be unique, a real showstopper that tastes as good as it looks”


Whether you’re having a small family celebration, a birthday, an anniversary or perhaps a christening, I believe that your celebration cake should be completely bespoke and tell a story of the special day or person.

Each cake starts with an idea and it’s great to look online for inspiration. However, I will never copy another design. I will instead take into account the elements that you like from photos, favourite colours, hobbies and loves to create something completely unique, adding as many personal details wherever possible.

Your cake design can be as elaborate and personal as our imagination and your budget. Please have a budget in mind. I have a set price for everything so it means I can design within that amount.

As a guide, my celebration cakes start from £240


Ordering a wedding cake can be extremely daunting. In order to take that feeling away from you, I advise coming along for a consultation. That way I can guide you through the process. It gives you a chance to sample the quality of my cakes, discuss your wedding, any ideas you have and to see what designs are possible.

It’s a good idea to have a budget in mind as it really helps when we are designing together.

As a guide, my wedding cakes start from £550.

My most popular design is a 3-tier cake feeding 55-100 guests, one or two beautiful flower sprays topped with a bride and groom topper. Something like this would start at £700

Menu And Flavours


A classic vanilla sponge, finished with a vanilla bean meringue buttercream and raspberry preserve.


Luxury Moist and refreshing lemon cake, with lemon syrup and a lemon curd meringue buttercream – perfect for summer


Light orange sponge with syrup, white chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries – perfect for a dessert.


Beautiful deep red vanilla with a light taste of chocolate, finished with a cream cheese frosting.


Wonderful, Moist chocolate cake with a smooth chocolate Buttercream.


Luxury moist and fruity cake with added walnuts, rum-soaked sultanas and coconut, filled with fresh orange buttercream. This makes a great alternative to a traditional fruit-rich fruit cake.


A beautifully moist cake, packed with fruit including dried dates, prunes, and apricots. The cake is left to mature soaked in brandy.



The table below shows the number of portions that can be expected based on the following portion sizes:

  • Dessert size: 2.5 x 5cm (1 x 2in)
  • Finger portions: 2.5 x 2.5cm (1 x 1in)
ROUND 5″ 6″ 7″ 8″ 9″ 10″ 11″
SQUARE 12/25 12/25 12/25 32/64 43/81 50/100

As an example, a 3 tier cake with round tiers of 10, 8 and 6 inch diameters would give 69 dessert portions (35 + 22 + 12), or 134 finger portions (67 + 44 + 23).

Ordering Process

Ordering Process:

To enquire about designing a cake please contact us by clicking here and telling us all about your special day.

Wedding cakes:

  1. Consultation date will be arranged
  2. At the consultation we will design your cake from the inside out, a quote will be given on the day. Please note: Consultations are free and there is no obligation.
  3. If you choose to book, a non-refundable 50% deposit will be taken to secure your cake in the diary
  4. One month before – finalise all the little details and the final payment must be made
  5. I charge a flat rate of £25 for delivery and set up and 0.50p per mile after. Please note tools, roads and congestion charges will also be charged for.
  6. I’m happy to send pictures while I am designing and at the end, however I can’t guarantee a completed finished photo as some cakes have to be set up on the day, at the venue to ensure their safety.

Celebration Cakes:

I currently do not provide consultations for celebration cakes. The designing will be done over the phone or through email. Once I have all of the information, I can create a very simple sketch with descriptions and a breakdown price. There is no fee for this design process, all I ask is that you provide me with a maximum budget so I can design to stay within it. This helps to save time and disappointment.

  1. Send an email with as much detail as possible
  2. Agree on a design and price
  3. 50% non-refundable deposit will be taken to secure your date and for materials
  4. The remaining 50% is to be taken 2 weeks before the date of your cake, unless pre-arranged cash at the time of pick up.

All celebration cakes must be picked up at Tasteful Cakes. Delivery can be arranged for local delivery and a price will be agreed at the time of ordering.

Tasteful Cakes Address: 168 Upshire Road, Waltham abbey, EN9 3PS. To view on maps please click here.


Once we have discussed your ideas and we have agreed on a price.

I will email an invoice and description form. For you to book into my diary, I will need the invoice information filled out, emailed back and full payment to be made by:


Direct Bank Transfer or PayPal.

For overseas customers, PayPal is the preferred method of payment.  (Please be aware of the terms and conditions with this payment)

Once payment has been made you will receive confirmation of your booking as well as an agreed date you should expect to receive the cake topper.

To see our term and conditions please click here.

Please Note:I won’t need the final details until around a month before your wedding. It’s better to wait until then, in case of last-minute changes. A month before you will need to send the filled-out description form, along with any photos you feel will help me complete your cake topper.

A picture will be sent before the cake topper is posted!