This weeks Video Tutorial is on How to Make a ‘Fondant Covered 3D Teddy Bear Cake’ Perfect for a Baby Shower, Christening, or First Birthday. You’ll learn how to decorate a fondant-covered, standing teddy bear cake using our 5-piece Crafty Creature Cutter Set! This versatile set creates multiple fondant animals in various ways; giant cookies, cake toppers, and even 3D cakes.

The fondant cutter set offers a variety of shapes that can be mixed and matched to bring multiple cute animal cookies and cakes to life. So, get creative thinking about colors and shapes—the possibilities are endless!

How to Make a Fondant 3D Teddy Bear Cake: Step-by-Step

  1. Bake a 10″ square cake that is 3″ deep.
  2. Emboss the cake with the shape to create a teddy bear outline.
  3. Cut around the teddy bear outline and remove the excess cake.
  4. In the center of a drum, add a 7″ long cake dowel.
  5. Cut the cake into 3 pieces and layer them onto the center dowel using buttercream.
  6. Cover the teddy bear cake in ganache.
  7. Cover the back of the teddy bear with fondant.
  8. Use the Crafty Creature Cutter set to add the large sections to the cake.
  9. Use the smaller shapes for the details and eyes on the teddy bear.
  10. Create texture with a Dresden tool.
  11. Cover the bottom drum with fondant and ribbon.

You can grab your Crafty Creature cutter set here. Or by clicking the link below

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