In this blog, you’ll find Peter Rabbit Cake Ideas and Tutorials! I’m a little bit obsessed with bunny rabbits, I have two adorable furry friends who have the run of my garden, and nothing beats the joy of watching them hop skip and play from my kitchen window whilst I’m butter creaming and ganching my cakes. I used to have 14 of them, Oopsie! Let’s not get me started on that story, you can imagine!

As a cake maker, my love for Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit naturally spills over into my designs, perfect for christenings, baby showers, or birthday celebrations. That’s why I’ve crafted a ‘fondant Peter Rabbit cake topper tutorial’ to help you create your very own cute bunny cake topper.

Before we dive into the tutorial, let’s hop over to some unique ‘Peter Rabbit cake design ideas’. I’ve selected a few that stand out from the usual two-tiered designs, adding a dash of creativity that I hope will inspire your next baking project!

One of my personal favourites is a pink, girly Flopsy rabbit cake designed for a christening. Merging the classic Beatrix Potter watercolour aesthetic with my love for creating fondant and clay figurines, I fashioned a fondant Flopsy rabbit and Jemima Puddle-Duck cake topper, and hand-painted watercolour flowers and little chicks with gel colours. It’s all about adding that personal touch, like the painted ‘O’ for the sweet little Olivia.

Variety of Peter Rabbit cake ideas for children's parties

And if you’re looking for awe-inspiring 3D cake designs, you must see Emma Jayne’s 3D Flopsy Rabbit cake. Her ability to bring cake to life is nothing short of astounding! Marvel at her work here:

Emma jayne 3d flopsy bunny rabbit cake

For a masterclass in detail, ‘Kalitpasta’s’ Peter Rabbit cake design is a showstopper, weaving the essence of Beatrix Potter’s stories into the cake itself. You can admire this intricate creation at

Variety of Peter Rabbit cake ideas for children's parties

Now, for the little fans of the CBeebies Peter Rabbit series, I’ve got just the thing! Check out these bright and cheerful cake toppers I made, featuring the beloved characters: Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, and Lily Bobtail. They’re perfect for personalizing a toddler’s birthday cake with vibrant colors, names, and even a fondant number candle to fit the fun theme. 

I love making these fondant number candles for all of my cakes! its a quick and easy way to personalise the design, not to mention practical! It totally takes out that last-minute dart to the shop for the forgotten birthday candles. No more searching the bottom of your kitchen drawers in the hope of finding one and then not knowing where to add it to the cake that doesn’t ruin the beautiful design. You can purchase the large fondant/cookie number cutters in a set including the wicks. [shop candle cuts here]

Completed Peter Rabbit cake topper on a cake."

If you’re in search of a cake maker to create a bespoke ‘Peter Rabbit cake’, look no further. Tasteful Cakes is nestled in the heart of Essex, UK, and we cater to surrounding areas such as North London and Hertfordshire. But don’t worry if you’re further afield; I craft edible or clay cake toppers that can be posted worldwide. To order the featured ‘Peter Rabbit Cake Topper’ with Benjamin and Lily, or to customize your own with a name and number plaque, simply click here. Or, feel free to contact me to discuss your unique cake needs here:


Ready to embrace your inner cake decorator? My ‘Peter Rabbit Cartoon Style Cake Topper Tutorial’ is tailor-made for beginners! This guide ensures that anyone can craft a ‘cute fondant bunny cake topper’, ideal for any occasion.



Step-by-step fondant Peter Rabbit tutorial

Downloadable Weights and Templates: To make crafting Peter Rabbit as easy as pie, why not use templates and weights? For a detailed video tutorial and to get all the templates you need, – 'Let's Hop to It' – click here.

Fancy a ‘Flopsy rabbit cake topper’? Just switch up the attire to a pink cardigan, complete with a lovely headband and flower, and there you have it!
I stand by Saracino modeling paste for quality and ease, but if you’re improvising, gum paste, fondant with CMC, or a blend of both will serve you well. And for a keepsake, why not try polymer clay? I prefer using Fimo for those everlasting creations.

I’m ‘hopping’ with excitement to see your ‘Peter Rabbit creations’ or to read about your imaginative cake design ideas! Here are a few different ways you can display Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny and Lily Bobtail on a cake.

Cute fondant bunny cake topper for a birthday cake

Here is a quick video on how I made Benjamin Bunny! The template can be adapted to make all of the cute bunnies.

I’m ‘hopping’ with excitement to see your ‘Peter Rabbit creations’ or to read about your imaginative cake design ideas! Drop a comment below to share your masterpieces or musings. Let’s start a conversation and spread the love for Peter Rabbit and all things cake!”

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