How to Make Skin Tone Fondant and Icing for Figures: A One-Pot Wonder!

Creating realistic skin tone fondant for fondant figures has never been easier! Have you ever found yourself wondering “what food colouring makes skin tone fondant” or endlessly mixing different gel colours to try and achieve the perfect flesh tone? Your quest ends here at Tasteful Cakes Academy with our innovative edible skin tone food colouring.

Introducing the Ultimate Skin Tone Paste Colour

Introducing the only Skin Tone Paste Colour you’ll ever need! Our concentrated paste food colour is a ground-breaking, one-pot wonder designed to create an entire skin tone colour palette from one colour. Simply by adjusting the amount you use in your fondant or modelling paste. Perfect for creating fondant figures or exquisite cake toppers, our skin tone gel colour simplifies the process ensuring flawless results every time. Saving you time, effort, and money.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Make Skin Tone Fondant using Tasteful Cakes Academy Gel Colour

1- Prepare Your Fondant

Start with a base of white fondant that will serve as your canvas for the skin tone fondant colors.

2- Add the Paste colour

Introduce a small amount of the skin tone paste color to your fondant. The beauty of this product lies in its versatility – a little goes a long way!

3- Mix Thoroughly

Knead the fondant until the color is evenly distributed. For lighter skin tones fondant, begin with a minuscule amount of paste colour; it’s easier to add more than to correct an overly dark shade.

4- Adjust as Needed

For darker skin tones, gradually increase the amount of paste.

Tips for Achieving Perfect Skin Tone Fondant Shades Every Time

  • When working with fondant and icing, remember that all paste dries darker. This tip is crucial for creating fondant figures with accurate skin tones. Here’s how to get it right:
  • For Lighter Skin Tones; Choose a shade lighter than your target. As the paste dries, it will darken slightly to the perfect tone.
  • For Darker Skin Tones: Whether you’re aiming for tanned, brown, or black skin tones, start 1-2 shades lighter than the final desired color. This ensures the drying process won’t leave you with a tone darker than intended.

Versatility of Tasteful Cakes Academy's Skin Tone Gel Colour

Our skin tone gel colour can be used for colouring flesh shades to fondant, gum paste, modelling paste, chocolate paste, chocolate, icing, isomalt, buttercream, frosting, fillings, piping gel.

Unlocking Creativity with Fondant Figures

With Tasteful Cakes Academy’s skin tone paste colour, you’re not just buying a product; you’re unlocking a world of creativity. Say goodbye to wondering what colours to mix to achieve the perfect skin tone for your fondant figures. So,

Grab your one-pot wonder and let’s bring your fondant figures to life!

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