Easter Bunny Cake Tutorial: Easter Treat Ideas

Easter Bunny Cake Tutorial: Easter Treat Ideas

Hey, cake makers! Easter’s just around the corner, and I’m thrilled to share this adorable Easter Bunny Cake Tutorial with you. Perfect for sprucing up your dessert table, easter cake or as a fun activity with the kids. This bunny cake topper is quick, easy, and a sure way to wow your guests.

The Joy of Easter Treats

Isn’t Easter downright magical? It brings us that springtime warmth, blooming daffodils, sunnier skies, birdsong, and yes—the sight of fluffy bunnies, at least in my garden! It’s a time filled with chocolate, laughter, and the joy of family. Creating Easter treats is one of the best ways to share this love and joy.

Materials I’ve Used for Our Easter Bunny Cake Tutorial:

Sugar Paste from The Cake Decorating Company

Sugar Paste from The Cake Decorating Company: This is my go-to paste for modelling because it’s firm and malleable, perfect for crafting our Bunny Fondant Cake Topper. Start with white fondant, which can be tinted with gel colours. I also have black and red pastes on hand—they can be quite tricky to perfect when mixing yourself.

Squires Kitchen Paste Colours

Squires Kitchen Paste Colours: I’ve opted for these vibrant colours ideal for any eye-catching Easter cake. They’re also great for painting on cakes, drying faster than other brands when mixed with a bit of water. Find them at The Cake Decorating Company.

Animal cutter set

Crafty Creatures – My Latest Obsession: I’m proud to introduce this fresh 5-piece animal cutter set, a real game-changer for creating various cake toppers and animal cakes. It also comes with a wealth of ongoing tutorials. Check out the YouTube playlist here 

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For constant creativity. Pick up your Animal Cutter Set here, and get ready to create some magic.

Your Go-To Cake Decorating Kit:

Likely, you already have the basics. If you’re curious about the specific tools I’ve used in the tutorial, you can find them all here

With these materials at your fingertips, you’re all set to create something truly delightful for Easter! You have the option to watch the Easter bunny cake tutorial live on my Facebook group, Christina’s Fondant Tips and Tricks  or catch the quick version below on YouTube, which includes creating the fondant eggs and cake details:

How To Make a Fondant Bunny Cake Topper:

Grab 350 grams of white fondant for this project. Roll it out to about a sturdy ¼ inch. You’ll want your Bunny Cake pieces to be thick, especially the ears and head, aiming for just below the middle cross thickness on your animal cookie cutter set.

Apply pressure with the cutters for clean cuts—one large round for the face, four feet, tweaking two to create paws, and those all-important thick rabbit ears.

The long cutter hosts all the intricate shapes for the detail. Look at the picture below; it’s a great guide to show you how I use all of the cutter shapes in this set to mix and match and create different animals.

How to mix and match your animal cutter set

Choose Your Eyes!

You can go for super cute and simple eyes, great if you’re pressed for time or making it child friendly. Or opt for more detailed eyes better suited for an adult touch.

fondant bunny cake topper with different eyes

Customise your bunny!

I have now created my bunny cake topper in 3 different colours! For the brown and grey dust with edible colours. Little tip! Make sure you dust the colour on to the fondant bunny before before you add the finishing details.

different coloured fondant bunny cake toppers

Cake Topper Drying Time

After crafting your pieces, let them dry. A few days is best for evenly dried fondant. In a pinch, mixing in flower paste can set it within 24 hours.

Biscuit Bunny Cake Topper: A Double Easter Treat

Why not go for a biscuit version? Use the same cutters with sugar biscuit dough, Add a skewer in the base of the head to attach it to the cake later. Bake ears and head together, so they become one piece. When cool, follow the same fondant process but with thinner fondant to adhere to the cookies. You can watch our Easter Bunny Cookie Tutorial here and snag the Recipe.

What About This Easter Cake Idea?

Try adding the bunny to the front of your cake—a charming way to cover any beginner’s mishaps. Cut out two big rounded shapes, one for the head and one for the belly. You could also top your cake with mini eggs and colourful macaroons for an extra festive touch.

How To Make Fondant Glue: A Cake Decorator's Best Friend

Fondant glue is essential for keeping cake toppers and delicate pieces in place. Here’s how to make it:

Combine: Take a small piece of fondant – about the size of a pea – and place it in a container. Squash it down and add just enough water to cover it.

Dissolve: Let it sit for about 15 minutes until the fondant softens and starts to dissolve.

Stir to Consistency: Stir the mixture until you achieve a glue-like consistency. If it’s too thick, add more water; if it’s too thin, add a little more fondant.

Wrapping It Up

That’s the full scoop on creating an adorable Easter Bunny masterpiece! If you want to join the fun live, be sure to check out my Facebook group, Christina’s Fondant Tips and Tricks, for live sessions. Or, for a quick run-through, the tutorial is available on YouTube.

Try it out, share your experience below, and remember to sign up for more FREEBIES and become a Tasteful Cakes insider. Happy cake making, and may your Easter be filled with sweetness and joy!

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