how to use modelling tools for beginners

How to Use Modelling Tools For Beginners

A little while ago I decided I wanted to buy some new clay tools to add to my cake decorating kit! I searched amazon for ages, looking at all these modelling tools and thought ‘Yeah that’s great! They look cool! But what the hell are they for. Now I am an experienced fondant modeller, and I was feeling overwhelmed! I can only image how a beginner must feel looking at these modelling tools. Thinking how do I use them, what is each end used for!

I was so blown away with the lack of knowledge out there, so decided to do something about it! It’s a funny story actually..

So my favourite tools have always been FMM’s modelling tools, because they are seamless unlike other brands. They don’t catch on your fondant which makes them great for making sugar flowers too. And they don’t emboss the seamed line in your fondant models.

These double ended tools is also made in one mould making it super durable. It isn’t going to snap like other cheap tools that have copied PME.

Anyway the funny story! I was feeling a little confident one day after a call with my other cake bizz friend Bella from the ‘Sugarcraft Contessa’ and decided to phone Grace, the owner of FMM and tell her, that I’m in love with her tools! Would she be up for a collaboration, for me to rebrand create a ‘How to Use Modelling Tools For Beginners’ video and, I said “Can my face be on the packet” haha wow I was feeling bold that day! Her response: I love them too, sorry who are you! Cue the awkward laughter!

Long story short, we are now great friends, and I learnt a very valuable lesson; sometimes all you have to do is ask! This was the start of something amazing! As, I followed on to make my own product line. I’ll always be grateful for someone like Grace believing me, after all we were strangers her support and encouragement gave me the courage to start my own product line; –

  • Skin tones – the only paste colour on the market that does multiple skin tones in one for your fondant figures.
  • Crafty Creatures and multi-purpose animal cutter that creates multiple animals in multiple ways for cakes and cookies.
  • Candle Cuts – No more wondering where the candle goes on your cakes, a kit that helps you create your very one fondant candles that fits in with the cake design.
bone tool helps shape petals to create sugar flowers

But today is all about the best modelling tools for cake decorating on the market. And I really want to teach you how to use modelling tools whether you are a beginner or you have been creating fondant figures, animals or sugar flowers for a while. This is a great modelling tutorial that will help develop your cake decorating skills.

how to use modelling tools to create fondant figures and sugar wired flowers

Now let’s break down each induvial tool and its uses! I’ll also go through the modelling tools names. But don’t worry about memorizing these fancy names – I’ll show you the ropes using colours. Trust me, it’ll makes your cake decorating journey a whole lot easier. Having different coloured tools also serves as a quick reference amongst your cake decorating tool kit.

So, grab your paste and your modelling tools, and let’s get hands-on with this step-by-step tutorial. Watching is fine but doing is where the real learning happens. Let’s shape and manipulate that fondant like pros!

And hey, if you’re as smitten with these tools as I am, you can snag them at a special price. But wait, there’s more! Stick around for a free video series to level up your cake decorating game at the end of the blog.

How To Use The Double Ended Modelling Tools For Beginners

How to use the Dresden Tool | The Blue Tool

One side of the Dresden tool has a lovely flat surface and is an excellent for blending to fondant pastes together & moving and manipulating the paste on the face of your fondant figures to create different expressions or line. The other side of the double ended tool is called the texture tool. The texture tool is great for creating fur for animals, hair strands or wood grain.

How to use the Ball Tools | The Mint Green Tool

With this double eneded tool you have two different-sized balls. The ball tool helps you cup and thin around the edges of sugar flower and petals giving your fondant or gum paste flowers that realistic look. You can also use the ball tool to hollow out areas on your sugar models. For example the eye sockets or the top of the torso to pop the neck in.

double ended modelling tools, the name of each end and how to use modelling tools

How to use the Bone Tool | The Pink Tool

The bone tool is perfect for smoothing out the edges of gum paste flower petals and hollowing out holes in your fondant. I also use the bone tool shape to create the nose on my fondant figures faces and the brow bone. The shape of this tool can almost act as a hook.

How to use the Knife Tool / Scriber Tool | The Peach Tool

The knife Tool is perfect for creating tiny holes, cutting, marking lines and creating fabric creases or waves in hair strands in fondant.

How to use the Star Embosser and Small Ball Tool | The orange tool

Perfect for hollowing out tiny areas such as ears or small eyes for fondant figures and animals. I use the star embosser side of the tools for centres of gum paste sugar flowers or fondant buttons on your models.

I honestly believe these are buy fare the best cake decorating tools you could have for your tool kit! They are the only ones you need! That’s why I wanted to be part of the development and education of them.

If you want to purchase this amazing double ended seamless durable tools you can purchase them here at a special price