Double-Ended Sugarcraft Tools – Includes a FREE In-Depth Tutorial

Double-Ended Sugarcraft Tools – Includes a FREE In-Depth Tutorial

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These British-made tools are an industry staple for all things sugarcraft. And with their double-ended design and new colour range, they’re the must-have tools for any cake decorating kit.

They’re perfect for all your cake decorating needs, from crafting delicate sugar flowers to creating cute models. The pretty rainbow colours aren’t just for aesthetics, but they also make it easy to recognise the tool you need quickly while you’re working. FMM’s tools are made out of high-quality plastic with no seams, so there’s no chance of catching. You’ll achieve perfectly smooth professional results each time. Even better still, FMM has partnered with Christina Georgiou, an established professional cake and sugarcraft artist, so you know these tools have got you covered.

Inside, you can access a FREE in-depth online video tutorial, by scanning the barcode, where Christina will teach you how to use the tools by creating amazing sugar art, one step at a time.



  • Firstly, They’re So Pretty!
  • They’re Seamless!
  • Super Robust!
  • Access To FREE In-Depth Tutorial

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