Project Description


Brief Description:

Thomas and Friends 2nd Birthday Cake.

This birthday cake was made for my little boys 2nd birthday. Even at two, they can be so strong-minded and know exactly what they want. I sat with him scrolling through other Thomas the tank engine cakes on Instagram, every time he saw a birthday cake that he liked I noted it down. After seeing three or four, I combined the designs together and came up with this one!

I can’t tell you how chuffed he was when he saw it. It broke my heart when he pointed with a big smile saying “Choo Choo Ma”.

My Cakes Start at £125.

As a guide, the price of this cake would cost around £300 (feeding 60 people).
Please be aware that this is a huge cake, you can use elements of this design to create your own cake to suit your budget.

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