Fondant Figure Tutorial – Creating a Cute Fairy Cake Topper

Fondant Figure Tutorial – Creating a Cute Fairy Cake Topper

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In this fondant figure tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a very cute fairy cake topper perfect to top a little girl’s cake. After watching this tutorial, you’ll not only be able to make s cute little girl figure. But, you’ll also be able to make the necessary tweaks, to turn her into a beautiful fairy. Or, even a doll cake topper or a princess cake. Perfect for other themed girl’s birthday celebrations.
Key features of the Fondant Figure Tutorial
The video will be released on April 5th!
  • Watch the video in your own time with lifetime access. (Released April 5th)
  • High definition video
  • Template with weights
  • Rewatch the video as many times as you like
  • Live Q&A, Individual feedback, Support ( Wednesday 10th April 2024, from 7.30 pm – 8.30pm)

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Cake Decoration Course Highlights:

  • An in-depth easy-to-follow video tutorial, that will teach you all the foundations of sugar modelling and how to create your gorgeous little fairy cake topper. furthermore, you’ll learn how to create beautiful fondant butterflies.
  • Printable PDF templates, containing weights and measurements to guide you through the shapes step by step.
  • Weights and measurements for each body part take the guesswork out, making sure you create a perfectly proportionate little princess for your cake.
  • The Best Part! Once the video has been released you’ll be able to jump on a Zoom with me on the 10th of May, where I can give you support and feedback! Don’t underestimate the power of this, this gives you that classroom-based feel, helping you correct and perfect your cake topper.

Any purchase made outside of this time frame will not have access to this feature although can watch the playback of the Zoom meeting to hear the advice and feedback given to help.

What You’ll Learn:

What fondant Paste do I use for cake toppers?

I stand by Saracino modelling paste for quality and ease, but if you’re improvising, gum paste, fondant with CMC, or a blend of both will serve you well. And for a keepsake, why not try polymer clay? I prefer using Fimo for those everlasting creations.

Any questions, contact me here.

Just think every time you create a cute girl cake figure, I’ll be right there with you, guiding and teaching you. sign up now to secure your spot. Any questions let me know by clicking here. I am here to help :)


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