Fondant Figures Tutorial

Fondant Figures Tutorial – How to Make Fondant Cake Toppers for Your Cakes.

Join our fondant figures tutorial and learn how to personalize your cakes with unique fondant figures. You’ll be able to sweeten the stories you tell through your celebration cake designs!

Why Creating Fondant Figures is Special

When it comes to cake decoration, there are endless possibilities. Gifting someone a mini fondant figure, as unique as they are, is unparalleled. Fondant figures bring a personal touch that says, “I see you,” in the sweetest way possible. After all, the cake figure you make is a unique creation, adding personality and charm to every cake.

The Icing, Sugar Paste We Use for Cake Figures

Fondant, also known as icing in the UK, is perfect for crafting cake topper figures, especially when CMC is added. I use a modelling paste called Saracino for its versatility and ease of use. It is a mix of fondant, gum, and chocolate modelling paste.

Easy Fondant Figure Tutorials

Creating fondant characters for your cakes is much easier than you think, and you don’t have to be artistic! It’s about learning how to use your hands as tools and following a series of simple, broken-down steps. Our fondant figure tutorials begin by teaching you all the foundations of sugar modelling. Each fondant figure starts with a simple, crease-free shape like a ball or sausage, gradually refining them into intricate body parts that come together to make a person.

Learning Highlights

You’ll also have access to in-depth videos that can be rewatched and downloadable template sheets to follow, with clear instructions and weights for all the body parts. This ensures that it’s easy to create, replicate, and perfectly in proportion, eliminating all guesswork so you can focus solely on learning the skills. Cool, huh?

The Sweet Satisfaction of Mastering Fondant Figures

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll be amazed at the cake figures you can create and the endless possibilities. Learning this cake-decorating skill is an exciting, rewarding journey. You’ll have an awesome sense of achievement not only when you make it but also when you bring joy to others.

Are you ready to be admired for your personal cake designs? Check out my Fondant Figurine Cake Topper Tutorials, and let’s bring some sweetness to the world, one cake at a time!


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