Fondant Figure Tutorial – Baby Cake Topper

Fondant Figure Tutorial – Baby Cake Topper


In this fondant figure tutorial, you’ll learn how to make seriously cute supersized fondant baby cake toppers.
In the online cake decorating course, you’ll learn how to create personalised cake figures, with different skin tones, hairstyles, and facial expressions. This will enable you to create amazing baby showers, christening and birthday cakes, topped with a beautiful custom-made baby cake topper. This meaningful finishing touch is bound to wow and warm the hearts of the parents and loved ones.

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Fondant Figure Tutorial Highlights:

  • An in-depth easy-to-follow video tutorial, that will teach you all the foundations of sugar modelling and how to create amazing supersized fondant baby cake toppers.
  • Printable PDF templates, containing weights and measurements to guide you through the shapes step by step.
  • Weights and measurements for each body part take the guesswork out, making sure you create a perfectly proportionate little princess for your cake.
  • All course materials are laid out in a beautiful portal with the ability to mix and match elements easily.
  • Lifetime access, watch as many times as you like.

How you’ll make your fondant figure for your cake:

Module 1: Learning the Foundations:

Firstly, Let’s strip it back to the fondant basics. Discover all types of edible pastes and their uses; fondant, gum paste, and modelling paste. How to cover cake dummies, boards and name plaques creating the perfect bases for your babies to sit on. How to model shapes using your hands as tools. All about colours; how to paint details, shade, creating depth and shadows that make your caricatures pop, and more.

Module 2: Modelling fondant people:

Following that, were dive straight into creating the fondant baby figure in detail. Starting with each body shape, and learning how to get proportionate cake figures. Learning structure and sticking all the libs together to make a cute sitting fondant baby. Creating fondant figure faces from scratch without the use of moulds. Learning how to adapt the fondant to create different ethnicities and expressions in the face.

Module 3: Personalising your character cake toppers: 

Lastly, choose which baby cake topper style you like and mix and match fondant hairstyles, skin tones, colours and styles to make your unique fondant person

What fondant Paste do I use for cake toppers?

I stand by Saracino modelling paste for quality and ease, but if you’re improvising, gum paste, fondant with CMC, or a blend of both will serve you well. For a keepsake, why not try polymer clay? I prefer using Fimo for those everlasting creations.

In conclusion, just think, every time you create a cute baby cake figure, I’ll be right there with you, guiding and teaching you. Therefore, sign up now to secure your spot. Any questions let me know by clicking here. I am here to help :)

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