Topsy Tuvey CakeI was looking through some of the pictures of wedding cakes that I’ve designed and created this summer, and I want to share with you this creation I made for a lovely couple in Cornwall back in June 2013.

Gemma and Rob booked a wedding cake consultation with me after her mother met me at the Bluewater Wedding show in February 2013.

Gemma’s mother loved my cake designs, but instantly knew that my Topsy Turvey wedding cake which was on display was the perfect wedding cake for her daughter.

Now, we all know that Topsy Turvey cakes have been around for a while. However, my design is different as the cakes are tilted rather than cut at a slant. This gives the impression that the cake is falling rather sinking, kind of like defying gravity!

Both Gemma and Rob wanted a wedding cake that would stand out from other cakes; a design with a WOW-factor that their guests might not have seen before.

Although they loved my original cake design showcased at the Bluewater Wedding Show, re-creating the same cake twice is not really something I do! There is always so much inspiration that can be taken from a wedding; such as the wedding dress, flowers, venue and colour scheme.

Topsy Turvey Wedding Cake

I believe that your wedding cake should be designed to represent you both as a couple and your special day. So with that in mind, I changed the design to suit Gemma and Rob.

We took the lace from the bridesmaids’ dresses and made a mould. From that I created an exact replica using edible sugar lace which I then placed around the cake.

2013-06-14 16.43.16 (1)

Just to show you how personal you can get when creating a wedding cake, I handmade sugar wired flowers to match her bouquet as well as cream sweet pea’s. Gemma and Rob loved sweet peas. Every spring they’d cut them from their garden and display them in a vase in their kitchen window. Now, I know what you’re thinking ‘No one would know that’. But Gemma and Rob would have! I think it’s the little details that make a wedding truly special and personal!

It’s the little details that are vital, little things make big things happen. ~ John Wooden.

It was a beautiful drive down to Cornwall and I stayed over in a cute little cottage guesthouse over night. The next morning, bright and early, I delivered and set up the cake in this marquee overlooking the sea at St Mawes Castle. The view was spectacular!

Gemma and Robs Wedding CakeGemma and Robs Flowers

I was a little sad to leave the wedding cake, after all it had taken me 50 hours to make, and travelled 280 miles and 2 hours setting up time. Gosh! That is more time than I have spent with my mother this year, I hope she doesn’t read this! Lol

Wedding cake

I headed back to Surrey with a 5-hour Journey in front of me and I thought to myself ‘what was I thinking going all that way’. I was so exhausted! Then a couple of days later I received this wonderful email with this pictures….. and it made me smile. I love my Job!

Christina you are amazing! This cake for our daughter Gemma and Rob’s wedding was absolutely fantastic, it was the highlight at the reception and everyone was stunned by its beauty and clever design….. and so delicious too. It helped make a wonderful day for everyone. Thank you so much.

~ Alan & Jeanette Freeman, Kent.

Cake Cutting