Sisters loveIf you had asked me a few years ago “What is your least favourite thing about cake decorating?”, I would have boldly replied “Novelty Cake Toppers”.

Lets be honest, they used to look a little cheap, don’t they? Thankfully, gone are the days of terribly-constructed and tacky looking figures stuck onto the tops of cakes.

I look at them now as bespoke pieces of art; uniquely designed to suit an individual and treasured for many years to come.

I became completely drawn into sugar modelling when, a few years ago, I came across the amazing creations of Carlos Lischetti, a sugar artist whose attention to detail, clean lines and perfection literally blew me away.

First modeling course in 2010

First modeling course in 2010

Carlos inspired me so much that I immediately decide to give modeling a go and entered one of his courses at Squires Kitchen School. I was a little nervous as I had never made anything like this before.

I was so chuffed with my completed models of a little chubby boy and his friend. At that time, being a total beginner, I never thought that I would be able to walk away from this course with these models.

Carlos Lischetti is truly talented! If you don’t already own his book Sugar Animation. I would highly recommend it! Every sugarcrafter should have one on their bookshelf.

Teaching is only demonstrating that it is possible. Learning is making it possible for yourself. ~ Paulo Coelho

Now that I’m a teacher and in conducting my classes, I always try to remember what it was like for me when I first started out; slowly teaching my students, one step at a time, through each part. Before you know it, you’ll have a beautifully handcrafted master piece.

Recently, I taught a Butterfly Fairy Class at One of a Kind Cake Co. The students that attended my class had varied skills ranging from beginners to advanced. What impressed me most, and made me really proud, is the little green fairy (pictured on the left) that was made by a student who was a total beginner; would you believe that she had never made anything crafty at all! Let alone using edible pastes. She did an amazing Job!Sugar Butterfly Fairy Class

Furthermore, I love the fact that each fairy seems to have a different personality, don’t you think? Just like any art, we all see one thing but have a completely different interpretation of it, thus have our own style.

Anyway where was I….. ah yes….. Ever since that day I took Carlos Lischetti class I was totally hooked on making sugar figurines. It is now definitely my favourite thing to make. I love the fact that I can create a little story between the characters by using different body postures and facial expressions. Another great aspect of sugar modeling is that you will rarely create the same piece twice, unless you are making bride and groom toppers – so your skills and techniques are constantly challenged.

Facial Expressions

CasinoApplying the right facial expressions on your characters are extremely important; it brings your characters to life and set your models apart from other creations.

I recently created a cake for a wonderful person named Geoff, who is leaving after 30 years of service working in a casino.

Geoff has an obsession for post-it notes, highlighter pens and absent chips – Not to mention his dry sense of humour, temper, funny sayings and an amazingly grumpy face!

These became the inspirations and ideas that took shape when I created his cake.Without his facial expression or rage this cake would not have the same effect or impact.

As a tip, after you have designed your cake and set the scene, think about how your character’s facial expression would look, what would he be saying? What tone of voice would he have? It’s all about getting into character, as an actor would say!

Angry sugar facial experssion

Courtesy of Chat Code Collection.

Courtesy of Chat Code Collection.

I always find that looking through cartoon pictures are much more helpful as the lines are more distinguished and exaggerated.

Once you know the expression you’re looking for, use Google to find a picture that will best suit your model. Use this face as a guide. It’s also a great source of reference for proportioning, making sure all the features are in the right place.

Cake Decoration Classes and Workshops


Pretty Little Flower girl Class (OOPS!! I dropped my petals! )

Pretty Little Flower girl Class
(OOPS!! I dropped my petals! )

One to One’s
If you are one of many that struggle with modeling faces, and expressions – I am happy to teach you on a one to one basis. You will learn the basic’s – shaping faces, eyes, nose and ears along with a few different facial expressions.
Price: £60.
Duration:2 Hours
Booking details & information: Click here for booking enquiry.

Group Classes
I run various classes and workshops on Sugar modeling, for beginners and advanced students. I find that attending group classes are not only a great way to learn, but also a great opportunity to meet new people and exchange ideas. Not forgetting it’s also a wonderful way to unwind from the normal stresses of daily life!

Through the year, I regularly attend Demonstrations and Events. You can find out more on where I’ll be on my Demonstrations and Events page. Please feel free to come and say hello as I love meeting new people, discussing cakes and Sugar Art. We all learn from each other, don’t we?

One last thing! If you would like to have instant day to day updates on classes, ideas, tips or just a source of inspiration whilst drinking a cup of tea, head over and like my Facebook page! xx