OMG!!! I finally know what the fuss is all about! Ganache literally rocks my world! No more using buttercream to cover my cakes!

Ganche covered cakes
Now, initially I thought it was going to work out very pricey, but actually it isn’t that bad at all.

Here are a few tips for you that I have learned today‚Ķ…

Dark Chocolate Ganache
Use chocolate with a coco content of 30%
The ratio to dark chocolate to double cream is 2:1

White and Milk Chocolate
30% Coco content
For white chocolate ganache use, the more expensive chocolate such as Lindt as others can be very oily.
The ratio from chocolate to double cream is 3:1

Making Ganache
1) boil the cream and pour over the chocolate
2) Stir until all the chocolate has melted and completely combined.
3) allow time to cool – then cover and refrigerate overnight.

To use the ganache bring back to room temperature. You can zap it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds at a time, keep checking it. You want to be able to spread it easily. I was actually surprised how quick it comes back and sets.

Quantities To Cover The Outside of Cakes

To be on the safe side you’ll need approximately:

350g – 6″ cake
400g – 8″ cake
450g – 10″ cake
500g – 12″ cake

I actually crumb coated with buttercream and then did two layers of chocolate ganache.

Paul Bradford's Ganache Cake Quantity's.

Paul Bradford’s Ganache Cake Quantity’s.

This picture is quantities for filling and covering your cake with ganache. I found this on Paul Bradford’s website. In fact, pop over there as he has a free tutorial all about Ganache too!